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Price:7.500.000 HP: +6285755001637 +6285398000857 +628227
Quantity Order: Add to Basket
Payment Method:Cashier Order
Pack. & Delivery:palet
Specification:Vacuum frying machine or vacuum fryer may be used to make chips both derived from fruits, vegetables and fish and chicken to be food-shaped chips with flavors and colors remain the same as the fresh condition.
Vacuum machine is made of steel Stailess.
capacities ranging from small to large capacity suitable orders as needed. price of vacuum frying machine that we produce can be compared with the other production.

The quality of the machine and our price is comparable with other similar products.
our price according to their capacities:
capacity of 10-13 kg / process
capacity of 15-18 kg / process
capacity of 20-23 kg / process
for more detail specification and analysis effort can contact:

Mr. Andre Setiawan

Cibeas 1, Mount Tandala - Tasikmalaya - West Java
Phone: + 6285755001637
Email: andrestwn17@ gmail.com
web: http: / / ragam-mesin.blogspot.com/
Regards successful

Company Contact
Name:Mr. vendx penatas priadi [Owner/Entrepreneur]
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. vendx penatas priadi at malang
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. vendx penatas priadi at malang
Fax Number:Fax number of Mr. vendx penatas priadi at malang
Address:Showroom : Jalan Untung Suropati Kav.10 & 11 Workshop : Jalan Ronggolawe kav 18 No 15-16-17
malang 65514, Jawa Timur
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